Top 5 Areas to Test for eCommerce Sites

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Top 5 Areas to Test for eCommerce Sites

For many businesses, A/B Tests are a convoluted mystery. Where should a business begin, once they decide to do A/B Testing? CueCommerce delivers you the top 5 areas of a website that have the greatest conversion rates once improvements are made.

Product Pages

The product pages are of the highest priority for improvement. Product pages are where the user will decide ultimately whether they want to add the product to their cart or not, thus leading to a direct increase or decrease in profit. Products should be clearly shown and detailed in a clear and easy way to understand. Avoid overwhelming customers with clutter here.

Category Pages

Category pages allow the customer to decide what they are looking for, and should give them a clear path to their goals. Product categories should be placed logically, near what is similar. A well organized grid system makes it easy for your customers to scan and compare products.

Home Page

The Home Page is a very sensitive area of your website. It’s the first one most customers will see, and should be treated with the utmost care and attention. Products and services should be presented as a central focus, with additional widgets or forms on the page as a secondary focus. Important links should be laid out so that the customers can see what is in store.

Persistent Calls to Action

Sites can have call-to-action buttons or widgets that run through their site. These should be optimized so that the sales that they are made to achieve are brought in. The headline should be prominent, and the content should be easy on the eyes with a layout that follows a logical flow.


The forms on a site is where your customers contact, sign up, and in some cases make the purchases. It is very important that the forms be optimal so visitors continue coming back without feeling uncertain or simply not disregarding the form entirely. It’s important to keep in mind that generally, stacking fields on a page has a higher conversion rate than placing fields side by side.

Ensuring that your page is optimized for your customers means that you’ll get more out of sales, and your customers will be happier too.

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